Monday, March 10, 2014

PIZZA!!! This Week Has Been Great!!!

Homemade Pizza!!! With Elder Summers (in picture) as well as Elder Flaherty and Elder Koyle!

We didn't have flour so we used pancake mix to unstickify the dough!


This week has been great!!! That is so cool that the 3 boys will be playing lacrosse, I bet they will like it.  Things are going well. We are really focusing on less actives in this area. Our investigators are a little frustrating at the moment. Ariel who we had a very tentative baptismal date doesn't have one anymore. She still wants to be baptized, but since her mom and older sister are both less-active, we need to help their whole family make church and the gospel a higher priority. Brian, who wants to be a preacher had to cancel our lesson last week, but we are meeting with him tonight, which is great. Our most solid investigator is Janet. She's the one who is interested in Native American culture. She has kept most of her commitments so far, but she didn't come to church yesterday, but we will try to meet with her next week. As for less-active members, we have a ton of them right now. So when you say the one who wants to get back into religion, I can't remember who you are talking about. But we did have 3 less active members we are teaching at church yesterday, which was great. Jackie, Marlene, and Ken. Jackie is so awesome. I've been meeting with her since I got to the area, but yesterday was her first time coming to church. We were on and off with her at first, but recently she has started keeping the commitments we have left with her. When I asked her about church on splits she had many excuses for why she doesn't go, and that she wonders if the "lds thing is really for her." I shared John 7:17 with her and told her if she wanted to find out if the lds church was actually for her, she would have to actually come and try it out. Marlene way funny and super prepared for the gospel. She just lost her boyfriend and is really interested in the spirit world and such. She has a lot of good questions. It's interesting with less actives, because some still know a lot about the church and gospel doctrine and just don't want to come for some reason, and some are just as investigators and have forgotten almost everything about the gospel. So you have to find out where they are at in their testimony and understanding before you teach them. The 3rd less active that came was Ken. We actually had our first lesson with him Saturday. He's a recent alcoholic and drug user, but he claims to have been clean for a few months now and he wants to start coming back to church. It is truly amazing how the gospel can help people change and improve their lives. As for the sacrament, Just remember the sacrament is so important. As we worthily partake of it, we renew our covenants with the Lord and are spiritually strengthened.

Have a great week Mom. Love you


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