Monday, March 3, 2014


This pile of snow fell down on us off the roof when we knocked on the door!!! #treacherous

We also saw a raccoon in the neighborhood!!!!

So as for the pants... There is a brother in the ward who is really into sewing and he said that the seams that came loose at the bottom where they hemmed it were supposed to be like that so they don't look too tight. As for the navy suit, just send it. I'm needing another suit. I haven't payed anyone to sew my pants, and I won't need to for a while now that I know they are supposed to be like that. I will save receipts though for the future if I ever do need them sewn. Congratulations on getting into Masters of Social Work School, I knew you would be able to do it. Elder Koyle is great. We have been super busy, and I would send home a picture of us, but I haven't done that yet... haha. We picked up 2 new investigators this week. One of them is an older lady who we just talked to on the street when we were out trying potentials. She is very interested in Native American culture, so she is very interested in the Book of Mormon. She is so prepared. We extended the invitation to be baptized as she came to know the gospel was true. She agreed, but there are definitely some concerns we will have to help her resolve. The other investigator we picked up is an 18 year old boy who actually wants to be a preacher. Elder Koyle and I thought that was great. Get him baptized and then he can go on a mission. But he didn't seem as solid as the older lady was. We also visited a less active this week, Jackie, who wants to get active in the church again and get back to the temple this year. We taught her and she actually gave us a referral. The referral was one of her neighbors who lives in her apartment complex. We called her and she agreed to sit down with us when we teach Jackie this week. So hopefully we will get two birds with one stone and pick her up as an investigator and get Jackie re-activated. Elder Koyle has a black belt in Tae kwon do and has 9 siblings. He is really friendly, funny, and focused. I've learned many good things from him already and hope to continue to learn from him. Have a great week Mom!!! Love you.


P.S. Also I forogt to tell you this but I had a very funny experience this week tracting. I prayed that we would be led to those who were ready and receptive to the gospel. The first house we tried was actually the home of an active member (I was unaware of this fact). So I thought that was funny. Can't get more receptive than an active member right?? We did pick up a potential though. His name is Alan Bishop, and he's very involved in the church he is in right now, but He was open and wants to talk with us. In addition to his last name being bishop, his mothers maiden name was priest. We had a good laugh about that. I hope he gets baptized and is called to be a bishop. That would be sweet!!!


The weather over here is ok. It has actually gotten colder recently. A few weeks ago it warmed up to the 40's and 50's, but it has cooled back down. Today we went outside to pick up the schenectady elders (since we share a car and they use our place to do laundry), and it was about 15 degrees. So it hasn't really warmed up yet. But I've been told by many that this is the worst winter Schenectady has had in years. But it probably won't warm up until mid march to april. How is the weather back home?? I miss hockey. But me, Elder Koyle, Summers, and Flaherty went and played basketball at the church. I wonder if President Wirthlin would approve street hockey without roller blades (since falling down on skates is probably why hockey isn't allowed). But I don't miss hockey enough that I wish my time here would speed up. It has actually gone by very fast. I can't believe it has already been almost 4 months. But Time flies, not just on your mission, but all the time. We just have to remember to enjoy our lives no matter what stage of life we are at. Hope you have a great week Nicknick. Love you


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