Monday, March 17, 2014

I Wouldn't Change a Thing

That is an awesome save percentage buddy!!! Way to be. Wow, is Eddie Lack a rookie, because I haven't heard of him. But he must be pretty good to take the #1 spot over. Sounds like hockey is keeping you very busy. Enjoy it while you can. I remember thinking the good old days in high school with hockey and hanging with friends and family were going to last forever, because 4 years sounded like a long time at that point. But they fly by. So enjoy them while you can. But don't worry once it's over either. I loved high school. Playing hockey, hanging out with all my friends, and watching newhart and playing mini hockey with the family. But missions are just as fun. And I wouldn't change anything if I could. My testimony has been greatly strengthened. I can't believe I've been out as long as I have. Take care little brother. Love you and have a great week.

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