Monday, March 24, 2014

Hastening the Work


Anyway, this week was good. I can't believe how fast my mission has gone though. It's crazy that this Saturday I will get the call to see if I'm staying in Scotia or if I'm headed out. (Your guess is as good as mine.) We got 4 new investigators this week, and Janet said she will probably be baptized, hopefully she can either marry her boyfriend or move once we teach chastity. That will be the make or break lesson. Anyway have a great week Dad. Love you.



I haven't sent the SD card yet. I still haven't gotten dad or Nick's gift either. I plan on sending the sd card home with their gifts once I get time to shop for them. It's a shame President Hunter got released, but I'm very glad he was able to set me apart as a missionary. Saratov Approach...Haha, that was great. The Lord is truly hastening the work here though. Janet (the one who is interested in Native American culture), has now come to church the past two weeks. She cried yesterday in Church as we sang the hymn "I Stand all Amazed." It's wonderful to see the gospel change people's lives. She has been hesitant about setting a baptismal date though, but when I asked her yesterday, she said it would more likely be yes than no. We are having dinner and a lesson with a less active tonight who's wife/girlfriend isn't a member, so that will be great. I've never met with him, but he seems like a really cool guy. The spirit is very strong here. I was able to give a blessing of healing last week to sister Stevens to help her stop smoking, and both the sisters who taught her and Elder Koyle told me it was great. Every time I teach a lesson, I am able to say something that I hadn't ever thought of prior to the lesson. It is truly a blessing to be able to see the spirit work through you and bless lives. We also got in with a Hindu family and it smelled like curry, which reminded me of home and dad's curry.  But it was very interesting teaching a Hindu vs. another Christian. Hopefully we will figure it out. I love you mom. Take care and I will talk to you next week and send home the sd card with Dad and Nick's presents as soon as I can. 


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