Saturday, March 22, 2014

Grateful for your Support!

                Here is a picture of me and Elder Koyle!!!!


I did get my new suit, which was really nice. I also have to postpone Dad and Nicks birthday package for another week because we ran out of time today. The pizza dough didn't completely cook it was kind of doughy, but today we cooked potato bowls. We put mashed potatoes in our bowl, with cheese, chicken nuggets, corn, and gravy on top. It was delicious, but I'm not sure how healthy it was. Haha. I think I said congratulations on your master's program, but I don't remember. Elder Koyle and I are getting along great. He is a great guy and has 9 siblings, so that is very cool. He is from Burley, Idaho, so I am the only one from Utah in our group of 4. I'll probably send home the sd card today, which pretty much has all the pictures from December to now. This week went pretty well. Yesterday all 3 less-actives who came last week came again, and we had another less active come and our progressing investigator come to church as well. It is so awesome. The work is going great here. I'm eating well. Have plenty of food to eat, and I'm sleeping very well. Elder Koyle and I are working hard, and it's showing. We are so busy with all the less actives and investigators we are trying to get in contact with and teach. Tell everyone back home that I love them so much and am very grateful for their support. Love you mom and have a great week!!!


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