Monday, February 24, 2014

The Normal Day of a Missionary

So sorry I wasn't able to get back to you on Wednesday like I said I would, but there wasn't anytime at all. These Past two weeks have been great though. I've given two blessings of healing to members the last two weeks.  One was to a member in the hospital who was possibly going to go in for surgery. That was this past Saturday, so I was still with Elder Johnson. Wednesday I stayed in Scotia with Elder Reyne. Elder Reyne is serving in Hudson. He came out when I did, and like me he got to take over the area as soon as he finished being trained. It was a fun day though. I gave the other blessing with Elder Reyne. I gave it to a less active member. I had never seen him before then, but he had a tumor found on his kidney. He told me that whenever he got a blessing it worked though. Hopefully he will get better and he will feel of our love and support and we can start visiting him.  So this week has been very interesting. Getting a new companion is quite the experience. I loved serving with Elder Johnson, and I love serving with Elder Koyle. Although they are very different, both of them have helped me become a better missionary as I've learned how to improve my missionary work from their strengths. Elder Koyle has been out 1 transfer longer than Elder Johnson, so he knows his stuff when it comes to missionary work. But it was kind of surprising how he would always ask me where things are and such since Elder Johnson was in Scotia for 8 months. He is from Burley, Idaho, so I'm the only Utah elder out of me, Elder Koyle, Summers, and Flaherty. (They are all from Idaho). So I got pinkeye this last week too, which was fun. Luckily it's gone down a lot since I borrowed some eyedrops. Don't worry about it at all, I'm fine, it was just one of those interesting things that I'll remember. It didn't even hurt, the worst part was the cold and stuffy nose I got from it. I am still in Scotia in the same apartment. I'll be able to tell you more about Elder Koyle next week when I know him a bit better. Right now he seems awesome. Very focused on the work. He is also pretty small, but I don't mess with him because he has a black belt in tae kwon do.  If the charcoal suit doesn't come in, idk, send me pictures of the navy and charcoal pinstripe. Good to know your finger is feeling a bit better. Ask me any questions I might have forgotten in this email in next weeks one. Love you mom.


PS What is Stacia Walkers nephews name?? And I think through the facebook page you can order the "I Love NYUM t-shirts" if you would be interested. Also I've had to sew a lot of my pants, so if you could make sure my pants are well sewn before you send them, I would appreciate it. If they just send it straight from the Missionary mall though DONT WORRY ABOUT IT!!!

The normal day of a missionary.  That's quite interesting. Well everyday  we get up at 6:30. We say a personal prayer and then we exercise for a half hour (except on sundays). Then one of us gets in the shower and the other has breakfast and then we switch. At 8 we are dressed in our church clothes saying another personal prayer for our hour of personal study. We study Preach My Gospel, the pamphlets we get that cover (not completely all of it) but most of the doctrines and principles found in the missionary lessons in Preach My Gospel Chapter 3, When you study, you focus it on the people you are going to teach and visit with that day. After personal study at 9, you have companionship study. You talk about what you may have learned during personal study, practice teaching, confirm your plans for the day, and read some pages out of the white handbook. The white handbook is the "rulebook" for missionaries that the First presidency and quorum. It has guidelines on what things are appropriate to do as missionaries and all that fun jazz. Then if you are learning a language, you can take some more time to study that, but I don't need that. You also get an extra hour during your training (the first 2 transfers or 12 weeks) to do 12 week, a suggested study from the first presidency and quorum of the twelve on how to be a missionary. But I don't do that anymore since I'm not being trained, I'll only do it again if I'm a trainer. Then you get to work. You can make phone calls, tract (knock on doors), contact potentials (people you have talked to who have said would be interested in hearing about the gospel but you haven't had an actual appointment with them), update the area book. (area book has all the records of the investigators and less-active members you visit and teach. It shows what they have been taught and how they are progressing in the gospel), and go to any teaching appointments you have made for the day. You have an hour for lunch and an hour for dinner. You are home by 9 (unless teaching a lesson, then you can be out til 9:30). You plan for the next days activities, write in your journal, get ready for bed, and you are at your bed saying your companionship prayer and personal prayer. You're in bed at 10:30. It's so much fun haha. Love you and have a great week.
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