Monday, February 3, 2014

Feb 2014 Pics and Letter

Almost home! hahaha JK

This is just weird!

Hello Everyone!

Mom and Dad

This week has been good. We had a lot of cancelled appointments again unfortunately, but we met with Melanie this week ( a less active, She's actually been reactivated but the ward still wants us to visit her) and it was great because she goes to Union College. One of her roomates and his friend sat in on the lesson we had with her and we gave both of them Book of Mormons and restoration pamphlets. We hope to pick them up as investigators. They are both way cool and funny, and Elder Johnson and I seem to connect with them really well. Anyway, things are going great here. I also went on exchage with Elder Lords this past Tuesday and Wednesday. Elder Lords is so funny and cool. He's very goofy and silly. He kind of reminds me of Levi. Anyway, I keep getting better and better each day. We also met Rob on the street this week who has visited Salt Lake and Temple Square and thinks that there needs to be more faithful people in the world. He gave us his number so hopefully we will be able to meet with him this week. Love you Mom and Dad and have a great week.

Elder Richins

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