Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Feb 10th Letter and Pics

Big Church Building. Can't remember what denomination it is but it looks cool.


Elder Flaherty Puppy Pile!

This week was great!!! Elder Johnson and I really worked hard this week, and it showed. We picked up two investigators, and it we had a lot more lessons actually go through. The best was Saturday. We had 4 lessons that day, and we picked up a lady named Sharon as an investigator. It's amazing because she has grown up in Christianity, but she fell away from it and just wants to do what's right. She has young kids and wants them to grow up a good environment that church provides, and she was very open and prepared. We came in contact with her because she requested a free Bible from one of the church websites and we got a referral from that. It was cool because headquarter referrals hardly ever work.We gave her and her cousin who lives with her each a Bible and a Book of Mormon, and she accepted the invitation to be baptized. We are going to try to set a date when we visit her tonight. Haha. Saturday was also great because in addition to meeting with Sharon, we also got to meet with the Pacheco's that day. They are so fun. Friend Request her if you want, their family is great. It was also one of my favorite days at Homeward Bound because they had a ton of puppies, and 4 black lab puppies jumped up on my lap and slept on me. Elder Flaherty laid down on the actual puppy bed and got 12 on him or something haha. I'm going to miss Elder Johnson. He actually found out he was being transferred out the 2nd week of the transfer, so almost 3 weeks ago. This week we also met with a less active member who has been living in our area for over a year but hasn't had any contact with the church whatsoever. Her name is Nicole, and she was very open when we visited her this last week. She's gone through so much recently, and really wants to get back into the church. We've just got to help her do that. Love you so much mom and hope you have an awesome week. 

Love Tyler

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