Monday, December 30, 2013

Snippets from the letters this week :)

"We got to go caroling at a baptist old folks home this past monday. I totally embarrassed myself while doing it, because I started singing the 2nd verse of a song when we were only singing one verse."

Ty and his companion bought a bomber hat.
"Yeah the bomber hat is nice and warm, and Christmas was wonderful. Elder Johnson liked you guys because of the presents you have been giving us, as well as the fact that you said you wanted to see him, and when he came and said hi, you all were silent. He is very cool. He's a great guitar player and he knows so much about the gospel. He's helped me learn so much. The Lord truly is blessing me."

"Glad to hear you had a good christmas though. Christmas here was way fun. I might actually get to cook this month. We aren't getting fed everyday. Haha. Love you so much dad. I miss you and the family a lot, but I also am loving the work out here. Take care for this week!!"

The slacks did come in the mail last week. So I have them now. And the letter I sent Landon got mailed back to me, so I was hoping you could find out his address for me. And how many stamps are going to have to be on those sd card folders to mail them? Tell Mema I am getting her letters, and I'm loving them. Anyway this week was great. Hannah passed her baptismal interview, and Elder Johnson and I are going to be the witnesses, and she asked me to be in the confirmation circle. Elder Johnson is confirming her, which he definitely deserves since he was teaching her before I got here. But Hannah has told me I'm a great missionary and have really helped her, which is all that matters. We got to play Apples to Apples Christmas night with the Smiths (family who let us skype) and Hannah and her Dad. It was really fun. It's weird to think Jayden is home. I hope he loved his mission, I'm loving it out here. The only bad part about this week was how hard it was to get appointments (with Christmas and everything). Transfer calls are this Saturday. I hope I stay here. It snowed the other day, and it was weird because the snow was so wet. It was like slush falling to the ground. I love you so much mom and I miss you a lot, but not enough that I want to come home. I know there is nothing better I could be doing right now. It's getting cold this week. It's dropped to the 20s, but later this week there is going to be two days where they predicted a high of 10 and a low of 5. Take care and don't get too crazy at home!!!

Elder Tyler Richins
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