Monday, December 9, 2013

Phineas and Ferb ReMix!!!

You may google my address, but please DO NOT SEND HANDWRITTEN LETTERS THERE!! The mission rule is to have all letters sent the the PO Box address you already have. Anyways, I believe our address is 49 Mohawk Avenue, We stay in an apartment complex known as the Scotia Manor. It's wonderful to hear that everything has been going well at home. I want to hear about Nate and Mike's great hockey tournament in Ogden, so have them write me if they haven't already. I miss you all and first want to tell you of something funny I found out when looking through the very first of the letters you sent me. Nick nick started out his letter by saying he wouldn't tell me his name since I could figure it out from the drawing of the map on the other side of the paper. What I found was funny is he ended it with love, Nickolas David Richins. I got a chuckle out of that. Anyway,  It's been another great week. It was my privilege to give a blessing of comfort and counsel to Sister Johnson. It is so cool how the spirit speaks through you. I remember after I ended the blessing, I had no idea where the words I said came from, they just came. The spirit is so real, and it is cool to be able to use your priesthood to serve others. I also had the privilege of going to the Stevens this week, a less active family that the Glenville sisters teach. The Dad was actually paired up with me for splits without knowing it, so I just went back to their house and taught them a lesson. The spirit was so strong. They told me of their son who was struggling since he has two friends who don't live his standards. I then told them to pray for him and trust in the Lord, and then told them about my experiences growing up on the hockey team, where some of my teammates didn't have the same standards. They were touched, and the mother told me if I didn't do anything the rest of my mission, I would be a good elder in her eyes because of what I had told them that night. The Dad also told me that even though he had no idea he was signed up for splits, after what I taught them, he said it was meant to be. He came to sacrament meeting yesterday. I am so privileged to be here. It is so cool to see how the Lord reaches out to people and blesses their lives through me and my personal experiences and personality. Although missionary work is hard, it is definitely worth it. The blessings are so great. May the Lord bless each of you. I love you all and miss you more than you could imagine. And since the kids love Phineas and Ferb, I'm going to try to make a song similar to the theme song for them. Anyways talk to you next week.

Elder Richins

Phineas and Ferb ReMix

There's 104 weeks to be a missionary, so I got no time to waste. So the annual problem of my day is finding the best way to spend maybe
building up testimonies or fighting the devil or climbing up investigators stairways 
discovering new ways to share the gospel, or giving someone a shower (of gospel love)
finding an investigator, painting someone's fence for them, or driving my companion insane.
As you can see there's a whole lot of stuff to do before I come back home. So stick to the task cuz Elder Richins is gonna do it all. So stick to the task cuz Elder Richins is going to do it allllllll!!!!

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