Monday, December 23, 2013


Elder Burns and Elder Richins at the Provo Temple before leaving for New York.

                       In New York.

  Elder Ty's Apartment Complex his first day in New York Scotia Area. 

Elder Johnson, Flaherty and Gittins - Burning of the tie!

Elder Flaherty and Ty



               We get to do service at a 
          dog shelter every week!

 My First New York Snow Storm

Had to dig the car out of our parking place!

Got stuck on the way to our dinner appointment.

Cool Bumper Sticker

Elder Johnson



      The Mohawk River is 
     already freezing over!  
     Wish I had my skates!!!!!

Merry Christmas!                                                                          

Moving truck we rode in the back of!
Elder Flaherty squished in the back of the truck.
First class travel!!
Elder Flaherty not squished

Elder Gittins and Elder Johnson (Union hoodie) in the back of the moving van

Are we there yet?! 

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