Tuesday, November 19, 2013

November 19, 2013

Hey family, 

Wow the MTC is too sick. The spirit here in unbelievable!! As I've had the opportunity to teach our "mock" investigators, the spirit is so strong. There have been so many instances where my companion and I would prepare a lesson, and we I would be prompted to say a personal experience I've had with the gospel doctrine we are trying to teach or a certain scripture or something similar that fits perfectly with the investigator. It has been my blessing to give a blessing of healing and comfort to a sister missionary in our district, as well as being able to watch the sunday night devotional by Elder Bednar, The Character of Christ. That devotional was so inspirational and changed my whole perspective on missionary work and life in general. My companion Elder Burns is great. He has such a strong testimony and has so many personal experiences that help us relate with our investigators. I love missionary work. Hope you got my letter, if not let me know and i'll send you another one. Also give me the emails of both grandparents so I can email them on p day as well. I probably won't be able to email you till two more weeks from yesterday because next Tuesday I'm flying out to New York. I'll call you probably around 1 or 2 since that's when our layover is in Detroit. Let me know how everyone is doing. I miss you all so much, but the blessings of serving the lord and feeling the Holy Ghost so much is such a blessing, and even though it's going to get harder once I get out in the field, I know the blessings will be greater. Also if you haven't gotten my letter please forgive the fact that I couldn't reply to every letter individually, but missionary work is amazing. Oh and here's some fun facts. My branch president is President Willes, go figure. And my companion, as well as another missionary in my district love zelda. haha. I'll talk to you all later, and Elder Burns doesn't think I can beat him in chess, so you should send me a chess set as soon as possible. Love you all so much and may the lord bless you in all your endeavors.

With love,
Elder Richins

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