Monday, November 18, 2013

First Letter 11/15/13

Dear Family,
I wish I could write you all individually, but there simply isn't time.  I only have time to write at nightime after all the stuff we do, and I still need to fit in studying into that hour as well.  The MTC is wonderful.  After the drop off, there was no time to be wasted.  I got my MTC and missionary books, as well as a new Preach My Gospel, which has more notes in it now than the one I left at home has.  I was escorted to drop off my luggage at my room in the residence hall, and then it was off to work!!  My companion is Elder Daniel Burns, from Broker Arrow Oklahoma.  He is so great.  He's easy going, funny and excited to be here to teach.  We have already been assigned to teach Andre, our investigator teacher.  Even though it is roleplay, this is to prepare for the mission field, and the spirit is so strong as we prepare and teach Andre.  Today, while we were teaching Andre the first lesson, I was prompted by the spirit to teach Andre a part of the lesson before we had originally planned to bring it up.  It was also a point Elder Burns was supposed to teach.  However, because I followed that prompting, the lesson flowed much smoother, and Elder Burns was also able to bring up some personal stories about how hard it was to not associate with his nonmember friends as he grew up.  That completely related to Andre (who had the same influences that caused him to stop being active in his Christian religion).  I love teaching and the sweet spirit of the Holy Ghost that is constantly present here.
Now I'll try to answer all of your questions.  I have slept fine every night because I know I'm doing what I need to do.  It doesn't mean I'm not tired.  I'm still getting used to the sleeping schedule, and the hard work makes me more tired.  As for food, it's wonderful.  For breakfast there's always egg, some sausage, fruit, and any type of cereal.  For lunch and dinner, you can get lots of different things.  The best is the drink selection.  All types of juice and soda, and king of them all, the CHOCOLATE MILK!  It is made by the BYU Creamery and tastes so the liquid form of a Wendy's frostie.  I have a layover on my flight in Detroit.  We land there at 2:00, so I'll be able to call that afternoon.  I can't smell the tree, It's been fenced off (which is dumb).  I'll email you on my pday(Tuesday) and see you all in 2 years.
Love you all!
Elder Tyler Richins

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