Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Made it to NYUM!

Dear Parents,

I just wanted to let you know that your missionary arrived yesterday afternoon.  They were all very tired, as they had to get up at 2:30 in the morning, which is 12:30 East Coast Time.  We are excited to have them here.  President Wirthlin is interviewing each one and prayerfully seeking the Lord’s spirit to help him in assigning these missionaries to the trainer who will be the best for each one.  The trainers are carefully chosen, and your missionary will be in good hands. 

Because of their travel and change from the MTC, the missionaries will not be writing home until Monday, as Monday is their Preparation Day.  They are asked to write meaningful letters to their parents each week, and it is hoped that you will also write to them.  If you send “snail mail” to the missionary, or packages, please send to PO Box 149, Whitesboro, New York 13492.  If possible, packages should be sent via Priority Mail, First Class or Flat Rate.  We are not able to forward UPS or Fed-X packages, and those have to wait in the office until someone is going to the area where the missionary is serving.  We pick up the mail each morning, process it, and have it back to the post office the same day.  It has been found that with transfers and changes, this way is the best to keep all mail going to the right place.

We look forward to getting to know your missionary.  We are excited to have each one here in the New York Utica Mission.


Sister Cutler
NYUM Secretary

Friday, November 22, 2013

Letter 11/20/13

Hey Fam,

So glad to hear everything is going well at home.  My flight # from Salt Lake to Detroit is 974 and from Detroit to Syracuse is 6401.  And Mom, I am getting your letters.  My slacks still haven't gotten here, which isn't too surprising-haha.  I can't believe it's already been one week.  I forgot to thank in my last letter- Sarah for her poem, Emily for her word search, and Nick for his beautifully drawn map.
I'm so relieved yesterday was pday though.  Missionary work is awesome and spiritual, but it is very tiring as well.  It's cool to see how if you do your part, the Lord does His.  My first lesson to Andre (mock investigator) went great.  We were led by the Holy Ghost and the spirit was so strong.  But we had prepared for that lesson.  The next lesson we taught, we didn't prepare as well for, and we could tell.  After that experience, Elder Burns and I decided to always prepare our best, and every lesson since that one has been good.
One interesting thing about Elder Burns that I found out when we read a letter from his dad, who was reminding him to stick to their family's motto: Stick to the task til it sticks to you!
I love you all and may the Lord bless you.

Elder Richins

P.S. Elder Burns thinks he can beat me in Chess, so send me a game if possible. :)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

November 19, 2013

Hey family, 

Wow the MTC is too sick. The spirit here in unbelievable!! As I've had the opportunity to teach our "mock" investigators, the spirit is so strong. There have been so many instances where my companion and I would prepare a lesson, and we I would be prompted to say a personal experience I've had with the gospel doctrine we are trying to teach or a certain scripture or something similar that fits perfectly with the investigator. It has been my blessing to give a blessing of healing and comfort to a sister missionary in our district, as well as being able to watch the sunday night devotional by Elder Bednar, The Character of Christ. That devotional was so inspirational and changed my whole perspective on missionary work and life in general. My companion Elder Burns is great. He has such a strong testimony and has so many personal experiences that help us relate with our investigators. I love missionary work. Hope you got my letter, if not let me know and i'll send you another one. Also give me the emails of both grandparents so I can email them on p day as well. I probably won't be able to email you till two more weeks from yesterday because next Tuesday I'm flying out to New York. I'll call you probably around 1 or 2 since that's when our layover is in Detroit. Let me know how everyone is doing. I miss you all so much, but the blessings of serving the lord and feeling the Holy Ghost so much is such a blessing, and even though it's going to get harder once I get out in the field, I know the blessings will be greater. Also if you haven't gotten my letter please forgive the fact that I couldn't reply to every letter individually, but missionary work is amazing. Oh and here's some fun facts. My branch president is President Willes, go figure. And my companion, as well as another missionary in my district love zelda. haha. I'll talk to you all later, and Elder Burns doesn't think I can beat him in chess, so you should send me a chess set as soon as possible. Love you all so much and may the lord bless you in all your endeavors.

With love,
Elder Richins

Monday, November 18, 2013

First Letter 11/15/13

Dear Family,
I wish I could write you all individually, but there simply isn't time.  I only have time to write at nightime after all the stuff we do, and I still need to fit in studying into that hour as well.  The MTC is wonderful.  After the drop off, there was no time to be wasted.  I got my MTC and missionary books, as well as a new Preach My Gospel, which has more notes in it now than the one I left at home has.  I was escorted to drop off my luggage at my room in the residence hall, and then it was off to work!!  My companion is Elder Daniel Burns, from Broker Arrow Oklahoma.  He is so great.  He's easy going, funny and excited to be here to teach.  We have already been assigned to teach Andre, our investigator teacher.  Even though it is roleplay, this is to prepare for the mission field, and the spirit is so strong as we prepare and teach Andre.  Today, while we were teaching Andre the first lesson, I was prompted by the spirit to teach Andre a part of the lesson before we had originally planned to bring it up.  It was also a point Elder Burns was supposed to teach.  However, because I followed that prompting, the lesson flowed much smoother, and Elder Burns was also able to bring up some personal stories about how hard it was to not associate with his nonmember friends as he grew up.  That completely related to Andre (who had the same influences that caused him to stop being active in his Christian religion).  I love teaching and the sweet spirit of the Holy Ghost that is constantly present here.
Now I'll try to answer all of your questions.  I have slept fine every night because I know I'm doing what I need to do.  It doesn't mean I'm not tired.  I'm still getting used to the sleeping schedule, and the hard work makes me more tired.  As for food, it's wonderful.  For breakfast there's always egg, some sausage, fruit, and any type of cereal.  For lunch and dinner, you can get lots of different things.  The best is the drink selection.  All types of juice and soda, and king of them all, the CHOCOLATE MILK!  It is made by the BYU Creamery and tastes so the liquid form of a Wendy's frostie.  I have a layover on my flight in Detroit.  We land there at 2:00, so I'll be able to call that afternoon.  I can't smell the tree, It's been fenced off (which is dumb).  I'll email you on my pday(Tuesday) and see you all in 2 years.
Love you all!
Elder Tyler Richins

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Here I Come!!

11/12/13 Spent the day before his mission fishing with his dad

November 13, 2013 "Here I come NYUM!"
Car ride to Provo
Provo Temple
So tired! It has been such a crazy week. 


 It was relaxing to spend some time walking around the temple before heading to the MTC.  We ate our picnic lunch on the grounds and just enjoyed being together one last time.

We will miss you Ty but are so proud of your decision to serve the Lord!  We know you will be an amazing missionary because you are an amazing young man!!

Is it time to go yet?

 When oh when will it be time to go?!

Yes!!! It is finally time to go to the MTC!


Checking his pockets to make sure he didn't have his phone or any keys :)

Mom and Dad holding up pretty well....

And he is off!  So excited to get there he didn't even look back!